Providing the pulse to the rock-solid rhythms of Chasing Mabel, drummer Scott Hearley has played the timekeeper's role for numerous bands in the Upper Midwest, including underground alt-rock favorites, Lampshade Honey.  Following a 10-year hiatus from the music scene, Scott spent 6 years with the Polly Baker Band before establishing the heartbeat of Chasing Mabel.

CHUCK BACKUS - Bass / Vocals

At home in the deep end, bassist Chuck Backus injects the Chasing Mabel groove with workmanlike-precision and blues-inspired passion.  With a gig resume that has taken him acrosss the United States, Canada and Mexico, Chuck keeps Chasing Mabel tight in the corners and hell-bent on the straightaway.


Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals

A veteran of numerous regional groups, including the Polly Baker Band and Baby Feet, Bill Goodrich adds a wealth of experience to the Chasing Mabel line-up. As a consumate professional who is equally proficient on guitar, keyboards or behind a microphone, Bill's ear for arrangements and feel for orchestration are key components in Chasing Mabel's sound.

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SARA ZALE - Lead Vocals

Sara Zale commands center stage.

With an intricately nuanced voice that channels the excitement and spirit of the 1990s, Sara's onstage exploits never fail to draw large crowds and rave reviews.   A former member of the band G-String Theory, Sara's captivating stage presence provides the focal point of Chasing Mabel performances. 

As we reach the Summer of 2019, Sara is taking a leave of absence fo health reasons.


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Road Manager / Sound Tech.

This "silent" band member plays perhaps the greatest single role in defining the Chasing Mabel sound. While the laundry list of Travis Reeves' responsibilities is too lengthy to post, the bottom line is this: Chasing Mabel doesn't sound like Chasing Mabel without him.

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Together they recapture the sound of the 90s!


Individually, they are...


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With Sara Zale taking a leave of absence due to illness, Holly Heffron steps to center stage for Chasing Mabel.  Formerly the lead vocalist with regional folk-rockers Bailiwick, Holly's dynamic voice and on-stage delivery are proving to be a perfect fit in the Chasing Mabel spotlight.

SHAUN O'MEARA - Guitar / Vocals

A gigging guitarist since the age of 16, and a former touring musician who has shared the stage with such luminaries as jazz icon, Babatunde Lea, Shaun O'Meara is a well-respected member of the music community.  An alumnus of the Polly Baker Band, Shaun's 6-string wizardry is a driving force in the music of Chasing Mabel.